BevyUp, a U.S. company serving online retailers by giving them insights on social media, has just added two fashion retailers to its roster of customers – Amrita Singh, a jewellery designer, and Vanessa Knox, a maternity fashion designer.

Based in Seattle, W.A., BevyUp touts itself as a cloud-based, social revenue optimization company serving other businesses in the e-commerce space. It helps its customers boost order size, revenues, and engagement among their customers, particularly ones working in fashion.

For consumers shopping for clothes and jewellery online, social networks are often the best way to share product information and to gauge consumer sentiment towards those products, BevyUp said in a press release. BevyUp provides retailers with a platform to embed social sharing and collaboration onto retailers’ own Web sites, instead of just leaving the data on social media networks.

Since many shoppers want to show their friends different products, helping them make decisions on clothing, travel destinations, bridal dresses, jewellery, and real estate, BevyUp layers a social experience on top of e-commerce sites.

Consumers on a site can invite their friends to chat with them via text or video chat about their products, and marketers can review the conversations to see what consumers have said about their items. What’s key for retailers is that this also keeps traffic on their own sites, instead of pushing traffic to Facebook or Pinterest.

BevyUp allows consumers to invite friends to shop with them online and discuss products, without leaving an online retailer's Web site.
BevyUp allows consumers to invite friends to shop with them online and discuss products, without leaving an online retailer’s Web site.

BevyUp reports boosting its e-commerce customers’ numbers drastically. On average, customers saw consumers spend about 238 per cent more time on their Web sites, with 37 per cent more browsers becoming buyers as well. The average order value also jumped to more than 21 per cent, up from 17 per cent.

“The ability for shoppers to place products in a visual pinboard on the site really helps to replicate how you might organize clothing in a fitting room to make your final buying decisions,” said Knox in a statement, adding that products tagged according to consumer sentiment also helped her staff decide how to price, promote, and restock inventory.

“BevyUp enables us to provide a unique online shopping experience that supports the personal voice of my brand.”

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