Bandwidth Manager includes controls based on administrator-defined rules

Designed for organizations concerned about non-work-related Internet use, Bandwidth Manager offers both bandwidth control and quality of service based on rules defined by the administrator. It can restrict bandwidth based on port, protocol, IP or MAC address and network interface.

It supports Windows only (NT, 2000, XP and 2003), includes remote administration, and requires either a wireless connection or a modem complying with the NDIS standard. It comes in both a standard version, which costs US$99, and a Lite version, which costs US$35.

It does not require installation on the client machine “in most cases,” according to the vendor. It consists of a GUI front end, normally installed on the administrator’s machine, and a system service, normally installed at the gateway. Clients accessing the Internet directly (over ADSL, for example) would require the system service to be installed on their machines.

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