With an increase in the demand for CloudFront services, as well as the expansion of the services Amazon Web Services, Inc. provides in Canada, AWS has announced they opened a second location CloudFront edge location in Toronto on June 18.

This brings CloudFront’s global network points of presence to 187 locations; which includes 176 edge locations and 11 edge caches.

Amazon CloudFront is a web service that leverages a network of data centres (CloudFront edge locations) to facilitate the distribution of static and dynamic content like .html, .css, .js, and image files.

Rejean Bourgault, the country leader for public sector at AWS Canada, spoke with IT World Canada and said that there is a massive variance in the types of customers who use CloudFront, but did point out that it is primarily used for the viewing of video content with reduced latency.

“The edge location is really the main one that basically looks after the boosting of Amazon CloudFront,” said Bourgault. “Which is basically the ability to bring the lower latency for our customers.”

While Bourgault could not speak to exactly how many new jobs this CloudFront location would create, he did say that it brings the total number of open job openings for AWS in Canada to 450.

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