Beaverton, Ore.-based SaaS provider Act-On Software announced today the pending release of ABM Automation, a new product that, true to its name, will allow B2B marketers to orchestrate an automated, multi-channel account-based marketing (ABM) strategy, from brand awareness to customer retention.

Serving as a “command center” of sorts, ABM Automation will allow subscribers to tailor the messages seen by potential consumers at every stage of the customer journey, creating a series of highly targeted, personalized experiences across multiple touchpoints including email, social, display, and direct mail.

In addition to providing consumers with a personalized, multi-channel experience, marketers can use ABM Automation to link all of a buyer’s data to a single account view; create account-based campaigns; target all decision makers within an account; and automatically score accounts and trigger campaigns.

But the platform’s greatest value appears to lie in its integration features, which can incorporate a number of services offered by other companies into ABM Automation to create a more dynamic and profitable – but still automated – marketing plan:

  • Attend: This event planning platform can be used to add engaged accounts to contact lists, which can invite to meetings, events, and conferences.
  • ListenLoop: This account-based display ad retargeting program can be used to trigger display ads on third-party websites depending on a contact’s role and stage in the buying cycle.
  • PFL: By adding a trigger, users can program a marketing plan to automatically send personalized messages or packages through this direct-mailing company.
  • Oktopost: ABM Automation subscribers can use this B2B social media management platform to build listening streams and engage directly with buyers and customers.
  • Siftrock: This reply mail intelligence platform can be used to synchronize new contacts mined from replies to Act-On email campaigns with users’ account lists.
  • Terminus: This ABM platform can work alongside ABM Automation to identify, target, and nurture promising accounts.

ABM Automation is expected to be available in June. For more information, you can visit the product page here.

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