Are we there yet?

03/2001 – The wireless revolution is on the horizon. That was the word on the street two years ago when IDC reported that a survey of 100 of Canada’s largest companies revealed

that 80 per cent of them would have a wireless strategy in place by 2003. It also said that and that there would be a 50 per cent subscription rate by now. However, late last year, analysts were saying that there is still reluctance in betting the farm on mobilizing the enterprise.

Looks like the horizon is still a way off.


Keep your hands to yourself

03/09/2001 – AppsWorld 2001 in New Orleans saw Oracle Corp.’s CEO chastising users for tinkering with the database giant’s applications. Larry Ellison warned users against making excessive modifications to Oracle software with the warning that too many alterations could restrict technical support and upgrades. On the bright side, he promised that Oracle’s consulting staff would be more informed about the software.


Last one out, turn off the lights

03/30/2001 – Beamscope Canada was ordered into receivership, with Ernst & Young managing the financially troubled distributor, despite the company’s attempts at restructuring. With the company owing money to approximately 300 people, Ernst & Young chose to realize Beamscope Canada’s assets and convert it to cash.


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