What better way to teach the masses about the applications of Siri than to team up with Hollywood’s number one star and the world’s busiest man, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

With its “Dominate The Day” campaign, Apple Inc. aims to educate smartphone users about the daily utility of its digital assistant by taking viewers through a day with the Rock as he uses Siri to accomplish his life goals in but a measly afternoon.

The nearly four minute ad starts with the premise that the Rock has such an impossible schedule – 25 appointments scheduled at 7:15 for instance – that he needs Siri’s help. It’s a neat and funny way for the tech giant to showcase some features that the majority of us know about, but don’t actively use on a daily basis.

While the ad itself won’t remind daily iPhone users to actually begin using these Siri features, it’s a fun and intelligent way to show off an aspect of the Apple ecosystem that the company has been increasingly promoting in the run up to the Siri-focused Apple Home device releasing later this year.

And there is no denying this move is effective. As of the time of this posting, the spot on YouTube has already reached 3 million views, and the style of the feature makes it perfect for a TV spot.

Now all we need is a Siri ‘The Rock’ voice option.

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