Apple gives 500px a time out for nude content

A Toronto-based startup has been chastised by Apple Inc. for featuring nude photographs, CBC reports.

500px Inc.’s iOS app was removed from Apple’s App Store for “pornographic images” and “complaints about possible child pornography,” according to Apple. But the photo collage site, which showcases the best work of a community of online photographers, says the nude images are artistic.

This image censors nude photos on the 500px Web site.

Most users aren’t able to see the nude photos, which are blocked until you drill down to the individual image on a desktop Web site. But Apple is known for its strict adherence to its App Store policies.

Pupfingers, a startup acquired by 500px, has submitted a new app that addresses the concerns to Apple’s app store. 500px remains available on the Web and on the Google Play store.

Source | CBC News

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