Angry Birds spinoff Bad Piggies unleashed today

The minds behind Angry Birds released Bad Piggies from their pen of highly addictive games this morning.

Rovio’s new game takes place on fictional Piggy Island, according toour source story from PCMagazine, and the goal is for the pigs tosteal eggs. To do that, they have to build vehicles out of 33 availableobjects on the island, then ride those vehicles over to the eggs theyhope to snatch.

Screenshot of Rovio’s promotionalvideo for Bad Piggies. (Photo: YouTube) 

Bad Piggies is the first Rovio game spun off from the now-ubiquitousAngry Birds upon which the company has built its mobile gamingfranchise. Angry Birds Space, the fourth incarnation in the Angry Birdsgaming series, was downloaded 10 million times within three days of itsrelease in March. In May, Rovio said Angry Birds had hit 1 billion downloads.

Bad Piggies is available for iOS, Android, Mac and PC with a WindowsPhone version coming soon. There’s no mention in the PC Mag story aboutpricing.

Source | PCMagazine

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