Android OS to lead in Canada: IDC

An IDC Canada analysis of the local mobile market indicates that the Android mobile operating system will lead all other mobile operating systems.

In its latest Canadian Mobile Phone Forecast, the analyst firm also noted that 2011 was a milestone year in the country as it marked the first year that smartphones outnumbered feature phones in shipments and installed base.

“The fact that there are now more smartphones shipped and installed in the Canadian market than feature phones, speaks volumes about where the industry is headed,” said Krista Napier, senior analyst and tracker team lead for mobility at IDC Canada.

“As feature phones gear down, smartphones are ramping up, which is forcing change among OEMs, vendors, carriers, and end users, and is changing the mix of leading vendors in the game,” Napier said.

The IDC report said:

  • Android OS. Will lead the installed base forecast, driven by its ability to straddle both the high and the low price points in the market.
  • iOS. Apple’s strong ecosystem of apps, developer, and customer loyalty as well as product performance and brand image will help the company maintain and grow its position in the market, and almost double its install base in the next five years.
  • BlackBerry OS. Market adoption will remain fairly flat over the forecast period, increasing just slightly, as the company faces stiff competition.
  • Windows Phone OS.The installed base will grow significantly (albeit from a small base) and while it is not expected to reach or surpass the other leaders in the next five years, it will become an increasingly significant platform in the market.
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