In a bring your own device world, it’s becoming harder and harder for businesses to restrict what mobile devices employees bring into their network. What was once the sold domain of the business-friendly BlackBerry has now been swarmed by a sea of Apple iPhones and a rainbow of Android handsets.

Google’s Android OS doesn’t have the best reputation for security, which has made IT professionals reluctant to allow it access to corporate networks – they don’t want to create a weak point in their corporate security infrastructure. Recognizing that a ban is likely unenforceable, though, PC World has some good do’s and don’ts for using Android in the business.

The Do’s

  • Look before you leap
  • Have a plan
  • Manage this stuff

The Don’ts

  • Ignore security
  • Worry too much about fragmentation
  • Be an annoying Android hipster

For more on each tip, follow the link below. And remember, better an Android hipster than an Apple hipster. Although, what could be more ironic these days than using a BlackBerry?

SourceDo’s and don’ts for using Android in business

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