Android claims smartphone throne in Canada

Google’s Android operating system is now the most popular smartphone platform used in Canadian households, according to a new survey from Ipsos Reid.

As Apple is set to start selling its new iPhone 5 running iOS 6 in Canada on Friday, Ipsos Reid’s bi-annual Mobil-ology survey is showing that its rival has is still more popular among Canadians. But Apple’s iPhone has surpassed Research in Motion’s BlackBerry in popularity for the first time. The survey was conducted in August, asking 40,000 adult Canadians in an online panel.

Samsung is the most popular Android maker in Canada. (Photo: Samsung)

Android is now used by 36 per cent of Canadian households, shooting up five percentage points from January 2012, and up from 26 per cent in January 211. Following in second is Apple with 29 per cent, and BlackBerry in 27 per cent. Apple’s market share rose just one percentage point since January 2012, and BlackBerry dropped six percentage points.

It’s the first time the Mobil-ology survey has not ranked BlackBerry as the most popular smartphone in the Great White North.

The rise in popularity for Android can be attributed mostly to sales of Samsung devices such as the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note. Eighteen per cent of Canadian households indicated using a Samsung device, with LG being the next most popular Android manufacturer at seven per cent, followed by Motorola and Sony at three per cent and two per cent respectively.

Four out of 10 Canadian households now have at least one smartphone, compared to 34 per cent in January 2012.

Source | Ipsos Reid

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