AMD workers use multi-monitor tech for productivity

Imagine pulling up your wheely chair to a desk with six monitors – two rows of three – stacked together to make one mega-monitor. You fire up Batman: Arkham City and your entire peripheral vision is taken over by the drab streets of Gotham – you’re so into the game you might as well be the Dark Knight himself.

Then when it comes time to do work, you quit the game and open up all your trusty office applications. In your lower-left monitor, Outlook checks for new e-mail messages. In the upper left, TweetDeck is refreshing your stream and keeping you up to date on all the latest news. Meanwhile, you’re browsing a Web site in your centre screen and working on an Excel spreadsheet over to the side. It’s possible to have this kind of workspace with Advanced Micro Devices Inc.’s Eyefinity technology. Launched in 2009 on AMD’s Radeon 5000 and 6000 series graphics cards, it takes multi-monitor setups to a whole new level.

Just take a look around AMD’s offices in Markham, Ont. where employees are relying on it every day to get their jobs done faster – that way, there’s more time for gaming.

AMD’s Eyefinity technology has its work applications too.

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