Now CEO of the Canadian arm of IT distributor Synnex Corp. and member of the board of Research in Motion, Estill learned to worry about time when building a Guelph, Ont.-based distribution company he founded and then took public before selling it to Synnex in 2004.

In fact he now calls himself a time management guru who has read at least 40 books and 100 articles, and attended a half a dozen courses on the topic. His latest work is an e-book – actually, a 77-page PDF – a distillation of what he has gleaned from them and his personal experience.

The e-book, and his tapes and CD support his multitasking ethos – a practical, if condensed (relative to some of the tomes out there) system for getting a busy executive’s life in order.

There’s the usual urging of setting goals, although with the encouragement that they be SMART – specific, measureable, attainable and timed. He also outlines how to work with to-do lists and advice on how to do away with Post-it notes.

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