Adobe’s latest Creative Cloud update uses artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline the video production process, making it as easy to adjust a video’s colour, graphics, and audio in Premiere Pro as it is to enhance still images with Photoshop.

Announced Tuesday, the update includes several new features, including a new video colour adjustment tool for Premiere Pro powered by Adobe’s AI platform, Sensei; video graphics and audio creation tools, also for Premiere Pro; and enhanced virtual reality features for its After Effects program.

“The demands and pace of video content creation are reaching levels we’ve never seen before,” Adobe vice president of digital video and audio Steven Warner said in an Apr. 3 statement, adding that the increased time pressure on video producers means there has never been a greater need for powerful and efficient creative tools such as Premiere Pro and After Effects.

The new features include:

  • A Sensei-powered Colour Match feature in Premiere Pro which allows editors to match colours from one clip to another, improving visual consistency.
  • A Master Properties tool for After Effects that automatically applies changes made to an individual file to multiple versions.
  • Sensei-enabled autoducking for Premiere Pro Sound, which allows producers to automatically adjust soundtrack audio around dialogue.
  • A library of custom triggers and behaviours for Character Animator which allows artists to animate characters more quickly and efficiently.
  • Adobe Immersive Environment for After Effects, which makes it easier to clean up and add effects to virtual reality environments.
  • Real-time updates in Team Projects which indicates when colleagues are online and when a project has been updated.
  • Integration between Premiere Pro and the Adobe Stock video collection.
  • A tutorial panel for beginners new to Premiere Pro.

The new features are already available with the latest version of Creative Cloud.

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