Marketing geeks all around the world can rejoice, that’s if they’ve found there way to Salt Lake City, Utah.  Today marks the official start of Adobe’s Marketing Summit 2013, running from March 4 to 8.

Not only is it Adobe’s flagship launch platform but the meeting of some of the marketing world’s greatest minds.

The opening ceremony was kicked off in what can only be described as raver style.  Visitors walked into a (nearly) completely darkened warehouse space, with thumping base via a Coldplay dubstep remix, complete with laser lights and staff holding light sticks.

Brad Rencher,  Senior VP and GM, of Adobe Systems Digital Marketing lead the entire talk, and kept the hype going through product introductions, interviews and  demos. 

A key message of the summit is “Marketers aren’t going to take it anymore” in relation to how typically only five per cent of a company’s budget goes towards digital marketing. “Marketers are now the core of a business,” Rencher added.

Some of the on-stage interviewees included Nate Morley, VP of Global Marketing & Creative of Skull Candy and Chris Reynolds,  Executive Director of Analytics at Conde Nast.

What launched? A series of condensed products set to replace the current plethora of marketing-focused software Adobe has under its belt.

summit_2013_primary_blackWhat is Adobe’s Marketing Cloud at a glance?

An enterprise service that gives users a complete set of analytics, social, advertising, targeting and web experience management solutions and a real-time dashboard.  It’s heavily focused on team and partner collaboration, and being able to reach users across platforms (PC, mobile & tablet).  Learn more here.

Watch a replay of the opening ceremony here.

Stay tuned for what it could mean for your business in Canada.

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