A new report from Intel Security has revealed the latest list of dangerous celebrities online with Canadian actress Nina Dobrev earning the top spot.

The “Vampire Diaries” star was dubbed the Most Dangerous Canadian Cyber Celebrity of 2015, beating out last year’s winner, Justin Bieber. According to the survey, searches for the actress had a 13.19 per cent chance of leading casual web users to a site that tested positive for an online threat. These kinds of threats often come in the form of accidentally downloading dangerous malware, which can put consumers’ sensitive data stored on their devices at risk.

Intel Security’s annual report of the Most Dangerous Canadian Cyber Celebrities highlights the issue of security online. Cybercriminals are a clever breed, and are constantly on the prowl for new ways to take advantage of consumer interest around popular events, award shows, TV and movies, and of course, celebrities.

“Canadians love to keep up with the latest entertainment news and gossip,” said Brenda Moretto, Canadian consumer manager at Intel Security, in a statement. “Unfortunately, if someone isn’t careful and doesn’t secure their personal devices, they run the risk of unknowingly downloading malicious software from websites they find during their celebrity searches.”

However, the report does tout the benefits of a few simple steps to keep yourself safe from these cyber threats:

  • Avoid clicking third-party links: Try to access content directly from official websites and content providers.
  • Use web protection: These tools notify users of risky sites before visiting them.
  • Stick to well-known sites for downloads: Don’t download anything from sites that don’t seem trustworthy, particularly high-definition downloads. The term “HD downloads” is the highest virus-prone search term on the web, according to Intel Security.
  • Mobile passwords: Ensure there’s password protection on any mobile devices you use.
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