After revolutionizing marketing, SaaS provider Act-On Software Inc. wants to revolutionize career development training too.

On Tuesday the Portland, Ore.-based developer announced Act-On University, a rebranded training program composed of more than 40 free online courses that, according to an Aug. 8 statement by chief customer officer Matt Zelen, gives Act-On customers the chance to explore, learn, and apply the company’s artificial intelligence (AI)-based marketing automation platform to their careers.

“Act-On University offers an individualized learning experience that adapts to every marketer and their role, responsibilities, and skill-level,” he said.

Like any educational institution, Act-On has designed its courses to accommodate varying marketing backgrounds and experience levels, from new adopters to advanced courses divided into “brand,” “demand,” and “expand” marketing disciplines, complete with certification programs.

The courses themselves are delivered through what Act-On calls a “live, interactive learning environment.”

Unlike their institutional counterparts, Act-On’s “students” can attend all course types – which include onboarding, product adoption, and best practices – as many times as they’d like, connect with professors via streaming during work hours, and even share their desktops with instructors to resolve their issues.

And for organizations interested in specialized learning options, Act-On University offers both collaborative workshops and fee-based, in-person “boot camps” that customers can use to train new users in the Act-On platform and teach basic marketing automation strategies.

Companies that take advantage of Act-On University can expect to see:

  • Faster Onboarding, thanks to the flexibility of self-paced learning courses and unlimited access to training.
  • Quicker Time-to-Value, by directly engaging with Act-On marketing experts.
  • Increased ROI, thanks to collaborative online workshops with both Act-On experts and marketing peers that will teach customers how to maximize the value of their investment in Act-On.

For the company itself, Act-On University’s relaunch is merely the first phase of what it calls a “three-pillared customer success engagement initiative,” one that aims to combine its educational, community outreach, and event-based efforts to produce the most astute AI-supported marketers around.

You can read more about Act-On University and its courses and certification program here.

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