Company: AccessData

City: Lindon
State: Utah


Provide a brief description of the Solution, Service Provided, or Initiative.
AccessData developed and delivered an innovative HP-based solution that raises the standard for business excellence and client satisfaction. Together, HP and AccessData demonstrated the ability to help clients respond to and analyze cyber security threats, forensics and e-discovery and to provide a powerful end-to-end solution for incident response and remediation with AccessData’s CIRT solution and HP’s ArcSight SIEM Solution.
Describe what makes this Solution, Service Provided, or Initiative original or innovative.
AccessData worked to raise the bar in cyber security innovations and fight the war on cyber-attacks by offering solutions that streamline the incident response process and allow for much faster responses by forensics and investigative teams.
Describe the improvement this Solution, Service Provided, or Initiative made to the customer’s sales or revenues. What changed?
Provide evidence of measurable improvements in sales, revenues, cost reduction, etc.
Customer is in first stage deployment with solution to be rolled out across 23 countries.
Describe the improvement this Solution, Service Provided, or Initiative made to the customer’s efficiency. What changed?
Provide evidence of how customer efficiency was increased.
AccessData provided security and investigative platform that covers Digital and Mobile Forensics, e-Discovery and Cyber Security to deliver a winning solution around incident response, cyber intelligence, information insurance and compliance auditing. Together, with key solutions from HP eg ArcSight, we were able to provide E2E solutions that provide powerful cyber and fraud defense strategies and critical infrastructure protection across all the key sectors.
How did this Solution, Service provided, or Initiative improve the customer’s ability to serve its internal and/or external clients?
Provide evidence of the improvement.
HP and AccessData created a winning consortia to respond to a major RFP for the client to manage a multi-country roll out of a multi-functional security and investigative platform to cover hosts, network, mobile and e-Discovery. We went up against many of the leading manufacturers, ISVs and system integrators who could not offer the advance solution functionality/integration and could not articulate an understanding of the customer’s requirements and the market threat vectors.
In what ways does this Solution or Service Provided go above and beyond industry norms and expectations?
Unlike similar integrations, AccessData’s Cyber Incidence Response Technology (CIRT) and ArcSight users can execute operations, view analysis and launch remediation operations from within ArcSight interface or the CIRT interface. This level of integration between AccessData and HP answers a critical need for a more streamlined process and fast response time around cyber security incidences.
How does this solution further your customer’s green or environmentally friendly plans?

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