90 per cent of tablet owners taking device to bed

The quirky and sometimes questionable behaviour of Americans with tablet computers is being highlighted by an Ipsos MediaCT survey sponsored by Yahoo.

The survey was conducted in the U.S., but it’s likely many Canadian tablet owners can relate. The portable nature of tablet PCs mean owners can take them anywhere – and that’s exactly what they seem to be doing. More than nine in 10 tablet owners will use their tablet in bed, and one-third of men will frequently take their tablet into the bathroom.

What are they doing with the tablet in there? Half of men say they are reading news or e-mailing, while one-quarter admit to instant messaging friends. The survey didn’t mention how many were Skyping from the throne.

Tablet owners are quite attached to their devices. One-quarter of women would give up sex instead of their tablet, and 40 per cent of women would sacrifice TV.

Check out the Yahoo infographic that accompanies the news.

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