The final version of Longhorn may be more than a year away, but Gates and company are making sure users are still aware of Windows. Microsoft released desktop and server versions of a 64-bit operating system at its annual WinHEC conference in Seattle this week. spoke to Canadian developers

about what you can do with Microsoft’s bid for more cache. Also, we check in on the OEMs and find out what’s in store for mobile computing.

Microsoft opens up 64-bit Windows
4/25/2005 – Bill Gates promises the third decade of the OS will be its best, with an architecture built with developers and users in mind. Analysts weigh in on the potential for servers and desktops. Also: Longhorn on deadline

Canadian developers grade 64-bit Windows
4/26/2005 – A Montreal studio puts its rendering software through the paces, while a Toronto firm says it can squeeze more power out of 32-bit. Plus: Dell’s plan to drive adoption

Microsoft strives for ‘a PC per person’
4/27/2005 – Company hopes Longhorn features will make users want more

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