Adobe’s newly released “Marketing Cloud” is bringing together everything a marketing director and a manager have always wanted, but didn’t know was possible in one streamline experience.

The company aims to help digital marketing professionals collaborate with creative professionals by linking the Adobe Marketing Cloud with the Adobe Creative Cloud.

“We wanted to meld art and science,” said Brad Rencher, senior vice president and general manager of the Adobe’s digital marketing business, at the  Adobe Summit 2013 last week in Salt Lake City.

“The Marketing Cloud” is actually a series of programs that work seamlessly together to  for the greater purpose of helping manage, automate, create, organize, and drive an organizations’ online experience; which these days means everything.

Marketing Cloud offers five key solutions:

  • Adobe Analytics – allows marketers to pinpoint trends, obtain key insights and identify loyal customers
  • Adobe Social – connects social activities to results, helps marketers determine what social campaigns work and why
  • Adobe Media Optimizer – an ad management platform that tells marketers how media is performing. It also comes with a forecast tool to help marketers get the best out of their media mix
  • Adobe Experience Manager -enables marketers to create, manage, customize and deliver content seamlessly between smartphones, tablets, and the desktop
  • Adobe Target – allows marketers to optimize personalized messages to enhance quality of conversation with customers and boost conversion rates

Adobe foresees the stronger ties between Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud resulting creatives and marketers working towards more efficient planning and production. as well as content search, global distribution of videos, images and content.

It all sounds pretty good. The only downside I can see may be cost. Apparently enterprise level cost.

We won’t know the exact price just yet because Adobe is only releasing beta versions of its new offering. However, judging by the breath of tools being made available, its likely the company will be tacking on a hefty figure on this release.










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