For our weekly recommendation of great Twitter accounts to follow, we chose three interview subjects that are thought leaders in their respective fields.

Aside from having a quirky-cool title of “chief envisioner” at one of Canada’s biggest telcos, Dan Pontefract is a speaker that’s given presentations at numerous enterprise conferences and has a TEDx talk under his belt. He’s also the author of Flat Army: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization. Worth a follow especially if you’re in the human resources field and want your job to be less about hiring, firing, and benefits and instead be more about creating a work culture that leads to satisfied employees and an improved business bottom line. Followers won’t be disappointed by Pontefract’s engagement on Twitter – he appears to log on every few hours with a flurry of activity, sharing content and engaging with followers.

In a time of high youth unemployment and a 24/7 news-cycle mainstream media that appears to delight in pushing out stories about the “lost” or “entitled” generation Y, entrepreneur Lauren Friese is offering real and practical solutions to career-minded students through her Toronto company TalentEgg Inc. Friese took to Twitter this week to hint at the launch a new feature on her website that serves as a hub uniting talented post-secondary school students with brands looking to hire them.

Covered on, TalentEgg’s Challenges initiative shows you don’t necessarily need complicated technology to succeed in business, just a simple solution to address people’s needs. Warning: Followers of Friese on Twitter will be exposed to countless egg puns.

On a swing through St. John’s, N.B. and Toronto this week, technology journalist Robert Scoble talked up his new book, The Age of Context and meeting with startups in the technology community with technology in Bitcoin, wearables, and motion sensors. The former Microsoft evangelist has a long career identifying the latest trends and telling the story about what the future might hold. Check out his feed now for a look at his whirlwind tour connecting with some of the most promising new technology in Canada.

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