Twitter without tweets from these individuals would not be the same. They are people who tweet about innovation, security and tech trends, tweeps who keep us updated with the latest developments.

Ray Wang is the founder of Constellation Research, and his tweets are almost always super charged with tech news and conversations. As he’s usually active on the social network, when he logs in, he shares what seems to be an avalanche of useful information. He has a healthy number of followers as well, currently standing at 46,400. He makes an appearance regularly at keynote events and his blog receives around a million hits a year.
Follow him and you will be glad you did.

The next person on our Follow Friday list is Doug Stephens. He believes that a physical storefront is home to unique experiences for consumers, rather than a place to just sell and store products. He has also authored “The Retail Revival: Re-imagining Business for New Age Consumerism.” And if you have been closely following the international television series App Central, you’d recognize  Stephens as a consumer tech contributor to the series. Recently, he presented an interactive concept store called “Retail Collective” at the Dx3 conference. If you are into the retail business, he is definitely worth a follow.

What is technology without encryption, intelligence or security? Enter Dr. Anton Chuvakin, who specializes in information security. He is currently a research director at Gartner’s GTP security and risk management strategies. Basically, he is the one who helps fight hackers and other cyber bad guys. His Twitter feed is full of security-related topics and smart conversations with followers. While he has 11,000 followers on Twitter, he also has an impressive following on Google Plus. If you like to stay updated on security and NSA-related news, you should definitely hit the “follow” button.

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