Just one of the changes brought on by the mobile device onslaught is the vast array of screen sizes now available to view your digital content on. It used to be you either looked at a 15-inch laptop screen or your 3-inch cell phone display, but now digital displays are literally coming in all shapes and sizes (well, all rectangular shapes.)

Samsung is just one of the players trying to find the perfect niche for device screen size, releasing “phablet” smartphones in the Galaxy Note series and tablets that come in either seven or 10.1-inch options. Now its adding the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 to that lineup, very closely matching the size of Apple’s 7.9-inch iPad mini.

Apple seemed to hit a sweet spot with the iPad mini, as that extra inch of diagonal space actually results in 33 per cent more real estate compared to a seven-inch tablet screen, a very popular size on the market. Late Apple CEO Steve Jobs famously criticized seven-inch devices when Apple launched the iPad 2. By adding that extra inch, tablets gain more of a rich content experience while keeping the portability of fitting into a coat pocket.

What mobile device screen size works best for you? Let us know in the comments below.

Source | Financial Post 

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