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Sector: technology
Program Type: Incubator
Mentorship: Yes
Demo Day: Yes
For Profit: Yes
Extra Cost Details:
UVic Industry Partnerships does not charge faculty members, staff members or students for its time when commercializing UVic technology in which the University of Victoria (and UVic Industry Partnerships via UVic) have a shared interest in the technology.   However, any hard cost incurred by UVic Industry Partnerships for marketing, legal and IP protection etc. (all non-staff project related expenses) are deducted from first revenues received prior to any parties participating in revenue share. Consistent with most Universities, the University conducts research on a cost recovery basis. Funding terms may provide for a fixed amount or be structured as reimbursement of certain costs up to a stated or capped amount. In either instance, research budgets must include provision for the indirect costs of research in accordance with University policy.

UVic Industry Partnerships is a subsidiary of the University of Victoria responsible for facilitating research partnerships between the private sector and the University. The office also manages intellectual property for the University, helping researchers evaluate, protect, advance and transfer innovations.UVic believes that growing technology in partnership with industry can be a much more effective means of transferring technology from the academic environment to the commercial environment.  Working collaboratively with industry also enables both UVic and its industry partners to access public funding programs and to share resources. This benefits UVic researchers and students, industry partners and the economy as a whole.

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Director Details
Katelyn Janz

PO Box 3075, STN CSC
Victoria, AB - V8W 3W2