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Details Financials
Sector: Web SaaS, mobile SaaS
Program Type: Incubator
Mentorship: Yes
Company Stage: Early stage
Demo Day: Yes
For Profit: No

Multiplicity is a sales-focused business accelerator and co-working ecosystem, based in the heart of Downtown Toronto.  By connecting entrepreneurs with startup experts who help to solve strategy and execution-related problems, Multiplicity accelerates the growth of early-stage technology businesses focused on software, internet and digital media.

Our strategic team helps to establish a marketing road map and our tactical teams take a driver’s seat, to help our portfolio companies reach their goals.

If you’re a prototype-ready, seed-stage Web or Mobile ‘Software-as-a-Service’ start-up, we can help you build sales traction to generate revenues, or to achieve seed-round funding, under our advisory program.

How we choose our Project Companies:

An ideal portfolio company for Multiplicity has completed a web or mobile-based technology prototype and is looking for assistance in proving or solidifying their concept.  We consider the following:

People: We are looking for credible teams of at least two full-time co-founders. This credibility may come in the form of prior startup experience, in-depth domain knowledge or a strong referral from our network.

Product: We are interested in software-as-a-service platforms that are focused on solving problems faced by the small medium sized business market in many verticals.

Market & Model: We are interested in start-ups that address a customer problem in a large accessible market(s), have a clear go-to-market strategy, revenue model and use case scenario.

Traction: We like to start working with companies when they have a prototype completed and have acquired a couple of arms length beta test customers.

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Director Details
Elliott Atkins - General Manager

ING Direct Orange 221 Yonge Street,
Toronto, ON - M5B 1M4
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