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London Biotechnology Commercialization Centre

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Sector: Technology
Program Type: Incubator
Mentorship: Yes
Demo Day: Yes
For Profit: Yes
Extra Cost Details:
The Stiller Centre forges relationships throughout the technology and business sectors. Clients have the benefit of our connections the day they move in. The Stiller Centre prepares tenants for presentation and access to angel investors through established networks and we help prepare clients for venture capital. Our client companies can focus on the business of science. We take care of the business of day to day. We provide a staff of professionals that run the daily operations at the Stiller Centre. Our staff provides service to clients as well as facility maintenance. Most items which any small start-up business uses on a day to day basis are available. We offer a service program that is all about helping small and medium sized companies to find research support resources at a variable cost. We negotiate service agreements with our Partners on behalf of our tenants. at very competitive pricing, Many of the administrative burdens costs and regulatory issues are managed by our facility team within the lease pricing.

Generates synergy by bringing together great minds in research, professional, medical, biotechnology and commercial sectors.The Stiller Centre facilities are designed for startup technology-based companies. We help to bring their innovation to the market place. We offer our client companies a range of business network services which include market research, mentoring and operations analysis by our hired research and business analysts.

Director Details
Mr. Lee Smithson

700 Collip Circle
London, ON - N6G4X8