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Details Financials
Sector: Agriculture
Program Type: Incubator
Mentorship: Yes
Demo Day: Yes
For Profit: Yes
Extra Cost Details:
in-house, trained panels are used for quality assurance, shelf life and research studies $350.00 per day, plus Panellist Compensation; Consultation Services $350.00 a day (7.25 hrs); use of the laboratory or test kitchen for product development.$200. - $500.; the use of the pilot plant for the commercialization of products under development $500. a day; All costs related to the manufacture, packaging and distribution of products produced in the pilot plant, including cleaning and sanitation, are the responsibility of the client. $25.00/per person per hour; Storage of finished $0.10 per Kg per day, products in a controlled temperature environment and of dry goods is limited by the space available.Fees will be applied only when excessive amounts or lengths of storage occur; Seminars and demonstrations cost + 10%.

Each of our four units is uniquely situated to provide research and development facilities for agri-food processing companies.

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Director Details
Ken Gossen

6309 - 45 Street
Leduc, AB - T9E 7C5
780-980-4860 / 780-986-4793