Digital Transformation 2018

Winners Stories

Toronto-based software startup points AI at solving B2B’s biggest sales problems

Inside the development of Telefilm Canada’s award-winning digital admin platform

Crisis Services Canada wins a DTA for using Rogers tech to prevent suicides

How Loblaws created an in-house ecommerce startup – and won an award along the way

If 110-year-old PCL Construction can digitally transform, your business can too

Zero to hero: how Vancouver upped its digital maturity to become one of the most innovative cities in Canada


Nominees and DX study

Want to solve a complex problem? Build a multi-disciplinary team

Most financial institutions embracing digital transformation in theory, but not practice: OpenText

How Pythian pivoted from IT services company to digital transformation firm

How Thomson Reuters used Salesforce and SAP to transform its billing process

How Interac has kept up with the digital transformation-driven times lets employees offload grunt work to an AI assistant

Canada Suicide Prevention Service ceases text and chat help; seeks more funding

How the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology went from a dinosaur to a digital leader in higher education

RBC transforms its intranet portal team into a customer-facing self-service task force

Panels and presentations

For our award winners and event attendees, the second annual Digital Transformation Awards were just one night – Aug. 14 to be precise – but for our editorial team here at IT World Canada, it’s been a weeks-long process of poring over nominations, interviewing the people involved, and crafting the stories that we hope captures the essence of hard work and innovation. In this hub, we’ve arranged the articles and videos featuring our award winners and some of the most compelling nominees. I think you’ll find the same thing that we did. Across Canada, digital transformation is taking many different forms – from a non-profit’s efforts to help those at risk of suicide with modernized chat services, to a grocery chain’s digital lab, to a software startup’s use of artificial intelligence to identify the most lucrative sales leads, there’s no corner of the country this trend hasn’t touched. What unites the efforts are the people behind them, each looking to make a difference.