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Triware’s marketing is solid as a rock
By Jeff Jedras


The Channel Elite Awards (CEA) Gold winner for Best Channel Marketing Initiative, Triware Technologies Inc., created the must-attend technology conference for Newfoundland’s technology community.
St. John’s-based Triware deals primarily in the Newfoundland market that focuses on four primary areas of business: hardware and software, service delivery, a new Web development division and a large consumables business.
Triware was recognized for its Rock Solid 2007 TechSelect Showcase, a day-long event that drew 100 companies to hear about the latest in technology from 18 vendors, including HP, IBM and Microsoft, plus several local vendors.
Chris Dillon, business development manager for Triware, said they wanted to stress to vendors that may not always have Newfoundland on their radar that there is a lot of solid IT work happening there.
“As a leader in the technology market in Newfoundland, we recognize the value of bringing this kind of information to our clients,” said Dillon. “Some of our clients don’t get to meet their HP rep or their Cisco rep very often.”
The event included a vendor social event the night before, followed by a client breakfast in the morning, break-outs with vendors, a working showcase lunch, and then an afternoon of professional development seminars.

For Triware, said Dillon, organizing the events has definitely paid dividends, and not just in increased leads. “It has definitely positioned Triware and reaffirmed our position as a leader in the Newfoundland technology market.”