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Thoughtcorp’s mobile solution
By Maxine Cheung


Toronto-based consulting firm, Thoughtcorp, won our Gold Channel Elite Award for Best Enterprise Solution for helping this Canadian satellite and digital content provider more effectively fulfill its customers’ orders and better manage its mobile workforce.

Chris Williams, director of marketing and customer awareness at Thoughtcorp, said before implementing its Mobile Field Services platform solution, the client didn’t have access to real-time communication or automated processes for its systems and field operations.

“Benefits of the solution include faster technician turnaround time, the ability to manage contacts through handheld devices, the ability to take photos for installation and audit trail purposes and a reduced number of calls in the call centre,” Williams said.

With 2,500 field technicians across the country, this company required a solution that would help keep its staff connected and more productive.

Using Apacheta’s mobile workforce-enabling software, Thoughtcorp was able to develop a solution that now provides its client with connectivity across the cellular network using cellular and BlackBerry devices.
The Mobile Field Services solution utilizes Apacheta’s Route Ace software on the handheld devices, which serve as the technician’s work tablet, which then connects to the Server Ace platform, for processing, all over the cellular network. These mobile devices enable staff to store and manage customer contacts and information easily.

Williams said the solution is currently being used by all of the company’s technicians and has the potential to scale up, if need be. The implementation process took about a year, including the pilot phase, Williams said.


Orders that used to take between three to five days, can now be done on the same day or the next, Williams said. Real-time communication amongst staff also leads to faster order fulfillment now.