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Metafore ensures babies have candy
By Paolo Del Nibletto


Metafore IT Solutions was given a task that many solution providers would not touch.
The solution provider’s customer, Cadbury Schweppes was a longstanding customer, but it sold off the Allan Candy Company Ltd. asset in June of 2007.

This meant that Metafore had to ensure a complete seamless transition during the divestiture. Even more important was that during this transition, Metafore had to ensure that there were no breaks or disruptions to its IT operations as it became an independent company.

Oh, and there was one more thing: Metafore had to complete this task virtually overnight.
According to Steven Diakowsky, Allan Candy’s president, Metafore was given a ridiculously tight deadline.

“Everything worked right the first time,” he said.
This type of performance not only snagged a Gold Channel Elite Award for Best Managed Service Solution for Metafore but it also ensured that Allan Candy would still be a customer.

Metafore’s solution for Allan Candy was based on a new LAN/WAN infrastructure with provisioning for all necessary hardware and software. From there, Metafore staff then provided a full complement of services that would enable it to function as the client’s virtual IT department. The managed services solution included: fully managed hosting of network and server infrastructure, single-point-of-contact service desk for 110 plus users, remote management of LAN/WAN, remote desktop management, and managed Internet access.


Metafore also included onsite technical services for hardware and network maintenance, IMAC support and end-to-end project management.