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IT Matters is built on partnerships
By Maxine Cheung


Stuart Crawford, vice-president of business development at Calgary-based IT Matters, a systems integration company that services the small to medium-sized business market out West, realizes the importance of partnering and working closely with others.

This is why IT Matters won our Gold Award for Best Collaborative Solution. It was through IT Matters’ ongoing working relationships with its telephony, networking, accounting software and vendor partners, that it was able to act as Atlantic Directional Inc. (ADI)’s project management and services coordinator throughout the solution process.

ADI, Crawford said, needed a solution that would replace its aging technology to allow them to move office locations, all the while still remaining open for business. All of this, he adds, had to be completed within a few months.

The solution, which is built on Microsoft Windows Server architecture and utilizes Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Exchange Server 2007, lets ADI employees efficiently and effectively communicate and collaborate across the company’s head office and remote office locations. 

“We worked with TNS Telecom, the Calgary Elite IT Group, and our other partners to bring ADI a complete solution,” Crawford said.

IT Matters upgraded ADI from Small Business Server 2003 to Windows Server 2003 by using the Windows Transition Pack, which allows the company to extend past the 74-user limit cap that comes with Small Business Server.

In addition to networking and virtual private network (VPN) services, IT Matters also provided ADI with BlackBerrys from Research In Motion (RIM), so employees can now communicate with colleagues anytime, anywhere.

 “With BlackBerry devices, mobility is a big benefit because workers can communicate with other staff through a secure, robust and reliable infrastructure,” Crawford said.

As the project management and services coordinator for the project, IT Matters was able to oversee the implementation of the total solution, while continually working with its technology vendors and suppliers.
“We’ve built our company on partnering and we’ve always had this mindset of collaborating and working together with partners,” Crawford said. “(IT Matters) is proud to be the winner of this award.”


This award was part of a new category introduced by CDN this year. There were no winners in this category at the Silver or Bronze level.