Thought-controlled computing brightens buildings

Using your thoughts to control lights thousands of kilometers away may seem like something out of the pages of Ripley's Believe it or Not. But it's one of the biggest implemenations of thought-controlled computing Canada -- and the world -- has ever experienced. INCLUDES VIDEO.

Coming soon

A self-diagnosing electro-mechanical device that knows, in advance, when it's about to go on the blink and takes corrective action to prevent that from happening may soon be a reality thanks to work being done at the NCR Labs, says Mark Grossi, the firm's vice-president, innovation, who heads up the company's labs at Dundee, Scotland.

8 ways to improve your privacy while Web browsing

Many say that privacy is dead in this online age. For those who wish to hold on to it a bit longer, here are some free downloads that will help.

Facebook ‘Like’ button now under probe

Canada's privacy commissioner says Facebook has addressed privacy complaints against it two years ago but the social networking site faces a new investigation concerning current business practices.

Adobe unveils Photoshop, Premiere Elements 9, woos Mac users

Though targeted at "enthusiasts and hobbyists," Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 and Premiere Elements 9

IT sales rebound but SMBs still under spending chill

The technology research firm says SMB IT spending surpassed $800 billion this year but companies are also becoming increasingly stingy.

New venture will ‘Incite’ Canadian firms to tap social media power

Newly launched NM Incite will help its Canadian corporate clients tap into the "customer engagement" and "brand building" potential of social media. INCLUDES VIDEO.

Anti-piracy group’s study ‘shockingly misleading’, says expert

A report that suggests Canada could reap a windfall of thousands of new jobs and billions of dollars into the economy by lowering its piracy rate might not be what it appears to be. The numbers may only reflect what could happen if spending on legal IT products and services were to increase, and assumes a link to piracy.

Toronto firm launches digital 3D content store

Spatial View promises to deliver 3D content you don't need glasses to view. The digital storefront will be available on mobile and PC platforms, and is launching with several content partners.

New NCR self-service kiosks slash healthcare wait times, cost

Imagine a future where wait times at healthcare facilities are negligible, where patients check themselves in, have preliminary tests done at a kiosk, and get their medication at a machine in seconds. NCR says with its new self-service kiosks that future is now. INCLUDES VIDEO.

Prepare for a deluge of Android-based iPad alternatives

Watch out Apple, Android tablets will hit shelves soon to compete with iPad

Turn your car into an office on wheels

Many of us spend a lot of time in the car, sitting in traffic on the commute to work or driving around to meetings across a wide region. Thanks to modern technology, that wasted time can be turned into productive time.

Six free Photoshop plug-ins turn your pictures into artwork

Here's a round-up of some of the most compelling freeware plug-ins currently available for Photoshop CS3, CS4, and CS5, and, in some cases, Photoshop Elements 8.

New 3D camcorders a ‘bonanza’ for independent producers, consumers

Panasonic says its recently unveiled 3D camcorders will dramatically impact 3D video production in Canada, bringing it within the reach of small production shops, independent cinematographers, and consumers. INCLUDES VIDEO.

Canadian user drops Maximizer CRM over failed BlackBerry sync

CRM maker gets a lesson in customer service after one firm's upgrade led to unexpected results.

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