Writing The IT Handbook for Business

William Couie's new book provides techniques and best practices to help businesses enhance their productivity

A look back at Microsoft Surface technology

Imagine being able to put down your digital camera and start interacting with your photos - viewing, editing and showing them off to friends, right on your table top. ITBusiness.ca looks back on Microsoft Surface.

Facebook’s new groups feature raises concerns

Some complain there's no opt-out system; some misunderstand how it works. And some are wondering how Mark Zuckerberg ended up being a member of the group NAMBLA, an acronym for the North American Man/Boy Love Association.

Seven secrets of Steve Jobs

The courage to leave school--to "follow your heart"--is the first of seven principles outlined by author Carmine Gallo in his new book, The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs

How to get bought out by a tech giant

Executives from Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Cisco give direct advice on how to get bought out. Despite the recession, these tech giants are looking to acquire.

How to make the world your user interface

Clicking pictures without handling a camera, checking e-mail on any surface without a computer, accessing dynamically updated weather forecasts right on the pages of your local newspaper ... welcome to the "anywhere interface."

How small shops can find the best tech support

Finding the right IT expert can make the difference between merely surviving an emergency and powering ahead for growth.

Rogers’ business focus on wireless and support, says exec

An interview with Gord Stein, the VP of Rogers' business segment. He talks about how Rogers is adapting as a communications company, and making an effort to support its customers.

Independent foundation saves OpenOffice.org

The free OpenOffice productivity suite is now independent and safe in good hands under the new name LibreOffice.

Battle threats with the tools you already have

Root out and defeat corporate data thieves and saboteurs with tech tools already in your hands

Facebook flubs and Twitter traps that can get you fired

It's becoming more common for companies to monitor what employees are doing on social networking, and fire them when behaviour there is unacceptable. Here's how to avoid getting fired for a mere status update.

Thought-controlled computing brightens buildings

Using your thoughts to control lights thousands of kilometers away may seem like something out of the pages of Ripley's Believe it or Not. But it's one of the biggest implemenations of thought-controlled computing Canada -- and the world -- has ever experienced. INCLUDES VIDEO.

Coming soon

A self-diagnosing electro-mechanical device that knows, in advance, when it's about to go on the blink and takes corrective action to prevent that from happening may soon be a reality thanks to work being done at the NCR Labs, says Mark Grossi, the firm's vice-president, innovation, who heads up the company's labs at Dundee, Scotland.

8 ways to improve your privacy while Web browsing

Many say that privacy is dead in this online age. For those who wish to hold on to it a bit longer, here are some free downloads that will help.

Facebook ‘Like’ button now under probe

Canada's privacy commissioner says Facebook has addressed privacy complaints against it two years ago but the social networking site faces a new investigation concerning current business practices.

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