Dell trumps Apple on green report card

The Electronics Take-Back Coalition gives Dell props for its e-recycling program while Apple earns a C+ for its tech take-back terms.

Three LinkedIn strategies to boost business

Two entrepreneurs that have enjoyed some success using LinkedIn share their tips on how other businesses can reap rewards from the professional network. Much more than an online resume, LinkedIn can be used to drive sales and keep tabs on your competition.

Adobe tries to shake hackers with Acrobat Reader 10

Adobe's popular file formats have been a top target of hackers. Now a new technology in its Reader software could help finally bolster its security reputation.

Windows Phone 7 trump cards: Office and Sharepoint

Microsoft's new mobile operating system promises tight integration with this business staples. It could be a key differentiator in a competitive smartphone market.

Web threatdown: four new exploits you need to defend against

Malware author Samy Kamkar shares information about four new, cutting edge attacks that hackers could use to steal valuable information about your business.

Lax privacy rules get Google off the hook

Google keep getting a free pass to collect private data because of weaknesses in both U.S. and Canada privacy statues, say experts.

Video Rewind: Toronto Votes iPhone app educates voters

Voting in a municipal election can raise many questions. What ward am I in? Who is running for councillor here? What does a school trustee do anyway? Well, there's an app for that.

Google stole your Wi-Fi data? That’s your fault

Encrypting a Wi-Fi connection is a simple matter that many Canadians didn't take. Google's Street View error is a reminder to take security precautions.

Top 5 back to Mac announcements

For the last 15 months Apple has focused largely on developing its iOS devices such as the iPhone 4 and iPad. But now Apple is coming back to the Mac with some new ideas for its personal computers.

Facebook claims ‘misrepresentation’ behind Canadian privacy probe

In a video two years ago, Facebook policy consultant Mozelle Thompson, tells ITBusiness.ca senior writer that there are a few "misrepresentations and "misunderstandings" in privacy violation complaints filed against the social networking site

7 essential CIO leadership skills

The most effective CIOs build strong partnerships with their employees, business peers and external partners.

Google ‘carelessly’ broke Canadian law, Privacy Commissioner says

Jennifer Stoddart has released the results of her office's investigation into Google's inadvertent collection of Wi-Fi data via its Street View cars. The report finds the company is at fault for carelessness and failure to follow procedure, and has made some recommendations to be followed by a deadline.

Consumers dump sites with bad customer service

Buyers are quick to not only desert an online site but are also apt to discourage their friends from shopping there, too.

Ontario’s virtual world recruiting effort

Ontario Public Service looks for potential recruits on Second Life, using its own interactive facility.

Challenge offers students BlackBerry to solve healthcare woes

Scholarship, a summer job and BlackBerry Torch smartphones are up for grabs in contest encouraging college students to develop better healthcare management tools.

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