Best and worst tech brands for customer service

A PC World reader's survey reveals the most reliable tech vendors when it comes to supporting products. Not to mention the worst vendors.

Whatever happened to these once mighty five Websites?

These five giants once dominated the ancient Interwebs. While some survive (although weakened) others are only kept alive by legend.

Listening to clients is secret to Voices.com’s success

Engaging clients and talents in conversation to recognize their needs is essential at Voices.com, according to founder David Ciccarelli. It's one reason the small business is contending for an award as Digital Media Technology of the Year.

Office 365 beta shows promise but lacks polish

Microsoft's cloud productivity suite has big ambitions, but feels poorly integrated and may leave admins wanting morern

Bitstrips brings comic relief to Canadian classrooms

Bitstrips Inc., a Toronto-based online comics Website where even a person who can't draw a straight line can become a cartoonist, finds its DIY cartoon strips are a hit with grade school students learning to read and write.

Video Rewind: David Suzuki gets fired up about green IT

The famous Canadian environmentalist talks about employee-driven techniques to saving power in the workplace, and the importance of proper IT products disposal.

Forget quad-core CPUs – Intel predicts 1,000 cores possible

An Intel supercomputer sporting 48 cores could be scaled arbitrarily up to 1,000 cores, the CPU maker says.

Mint a fresh example for start-up Web marketing

Mint is a free Web-based

Video Rewind: First 3D TV launch in Canada

3D display technology has quickly gained a foothold in the market. It's easy to forget that the first consumer displays were released earlier this year.

Start-up creates 3D TV without the headaches

Out of Ryerson's Digital Media Zone, entrepreneur Adrian Bulzacki creates 3D prototype technologies that won't be on the market for several years.

10 things to know when taking your tech firm global

Does your company have what it takes to make it in the international market? Before you take the big plunge read up on this tech start-up checklist for going global.

Facebook’s new messaging platform has built-in Office Web Apps

Not quite the new Webmail system that was rumoured, but rather a platform that will unify all sorts of various communications, was at the heart of Facebook's anticipated announcement.

Video Rewind: Digital signage metrics firm bought by Intel

Toronto-based Cognovision tells advertisers just how effective their digital display signs are at grabbing attention. Now the firm has been acquired by Intel.

Rumoured Facebook e-mail won’t launch in Canada today

Many expect that Facebook's announcement at an invite-only event today will be about a new Web mail feature. Whether that is the new product or not, Canada will have to wait for it a bit longer.

Video Rewind: iPod levy – a needed support for artists or an unfair tax?

Bill C-32 doesn't currently contain an extension of a levy to mp3 players, but some say that it should. Others argue even the current levy on CDs is unfair. What do you think is the right approach?

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