GIS system has saved money and improved City of Winnipeg services

Over the past several issues, I have been discussing the City of Winnipeg's investment in a GIS system. This is the conclusion. From 1987...

Protecting servers from theft is the first step in achieving IT security

Don't just assume you've got it covered. Personal information is at stake.rn

Provide incentives for ‘safe network behaviour’

A Toronto school board learns the true cost of 'free' antivirus software and turns to a major vendor for a scalable, manageable and flexible solution instead


BCE Emergis reworks internal identity provisioning

Carrier gets its IT house in order to appease customers, employees

Excellent explanation of Wi-Fi security and how to war-drive with a chip can

Wi-Fi seems to be an issue that every IT networking manager has to deal with. In How Secure is Your Wireless Network? Safeguarding your...

Yankee Group VP warns we’re at least five years away from wireless roaming

Cisco outlines 'self-defending network' security strategyrn

Security of health data prompts Ontario legislation

Bill 31 is being called a response to PIPEDA and a way to ensure patients' personal information is protected. Take an early look at how some organizations are already working to comply

BorderWare turns 10

q&a John Alsop finds parity in the rise of the Internet and the need for security

Going deep inside the SOC

Managed security services is attracting attention as companies opt to outsource part of their network monitoring to vendors such as Symantec in the war on digital terror


Preparing for PIPEDA’s arrival

While the deadline for compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act was Jan. 1, most organizations in Canada will find themselves scrambling to catch up if they haven't already complied

Piracy watchdogs fine eight firms for unlicensed software

Washington-based group worked with Canadian agencies to bring about charges totalling $330,300rn

Reporting of security incidents ‘credibility issue’

Technology is a catalyst to improve business processes, says Nortel's CIO

All roads meet at the NEXUS

The quick-stop cross-border program is ready to allow travellers through Quebec. Find out how the technology is helping to reduce wait times from two hours to 15 seconds

CAAST clamps down on eight Canadian companies

The group reaches $330,300 in settlements with software pirates in Ontario and Alberta. Plus: the Business Software Alliance on why there's more piracy here than in the U.S.

Social engineering holds clue to security leaks: expert

Maritime conference looks at lack of governance, IT gaps

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