Most firms shy away from biometrics, content with conventional passwords

Canadians are more likely to watch a Hollywood-movie character gain access to a secure area by passing a finger or eye over a biometrics reader than see employees in the real world do the same to tap into their office networks.

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Cdn. Assoc. of Internet Providers, Fusepoint, Sun Mcrosystems, Symantec, Telus

Converged networks give IT administrators security concerns

Security may be a prime concern for Canada’s IT decision-makers, but that
rn doesn’t prevent some severe lapses in judgment in maintaining network integrity, according to a study conducted by AT&T Global Services.

Despite unfounded privacy concerns, biometrics provides superior security

Why are people so turned off by fingerprint readers that only a small minority of companies are even considering using biometrics to control network access?

Government asks IT vendors to protect its sore spots

Critical infrastructure, health-care services and law enforcement agencies are facing threats they've never seen before. Find out the highlights of their security agenda
rnFeds respond to Auditor General's IT security critique
rnSecurity in numbers

CATSA builds database for biometric security cards

Employee fingerprint and iris scans used to access restricted areas

Users cite security fears around IP networking transition

Survey shows 47 per cent open e-mail messages from unknown senders. Many still don’t take security seriously, says one Gartner analyst

Hacked server leads Ontario court to dismiss case

Plaintiff's password breach could set legal precedent, lawyer says

BitDefender scans Canadian security market

Antivirus firm opens local office to sign up resellers and ISPs

Nortel: How we battled the bots and won

Telco supplier offers a post-mortem on summer's Zotob outbreak

When will they ever learn?

The biggest IT security risk a company will face may be its own employees, according to a survey of Canadian senior decision-makers. Symantec, Sun and Fusepoint offer advice to educate the masses
rnAnatomy of an exploit
rnWe the hackers

IT systems a common source of fraud: panel

Experts urge co-operation between CFOs and CIOs to combat growing problem

Timeline: Our complete Lawful Access coverage has been covering Lawful Access since a proposal was first circulated by Justice Canada in 2002.Criminal surveillance may force ISP upgrades8/28/2002 A Department...

Montreal hires watchdog for IT infrastructure

One of Canada's largest cities avoids the cost and hassles of monitoring for viruses, suspicious traffic and other threats by turning to a managed security firm. Find out which assets will be under surveillance

PeopleToGo sends spam packing

Labour management firm outsources e-mail to Fusepoint

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