Municipal IT managers face huge security issues

Fraser Hirsch is the kind of guy you probably want watching your back

Security, privacy dominate agenda at Enterprise Breakaway ’04

Companies searching for technology that will enable them to comply with privacy legislation and keep their financial accounting houses in order.rn

IP version 6 offers better security, wireless features than version 4

Some consider it the best thing since sliced bread. Others dismiss it as a passing fad. The controversy over Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)...

Security by design

A look at the elements of a corporate network, the security risks they pose, and how to address themrn

Ballmer in Toronto: We’re all about small business

MS CEO promises retooled product line, launches security offering

The threat within

Nine things that compromise your corporate network security — from the insidern

Know your enemy

You can't disconnect your system from the Net, but thinking like a hacker can help protect itrn

IT managers be warned: Don’t sick spyware on the boss

Lawyers say fired U.S. worker took Web monitoring too far

Simple Technology tackles complex security market

Longtime peripherals distributor branches into biometrics

Disaster plan presents a puzzleDisaster plan presents a puzzle

The one sure thing about a disaster striking is that it almost always comes without warning. That's why more companies are focusing their efforts on a solid disaster recovery plan.rn

Privacy must be built into products from inception: Cavoukian

Ontario commissioner's advice comes at a cost, cautions CGI.rn

Microsoft beats security drum, partners chime in

Dispatch from Tech Ed: XP Service Pack 2, ISA address user concerns over simpler maintenance, better access control, more secure software.rn

Study: Canadians falling prey to phishing schemes

Police officer outlines how it's done and how it can be prevented

IT safety report warns of major meltdown within five years

The way public sector technology is currently being handled could result in the equivalent of another summer blackout. The Gowlings lawyer that authored the study provides a three-part remedy. Also: the SeaBoard Group and Q9 Networks on open source and disaster recovery

IT managers mull ‘combo’ approach to security

Professionals debate the merits of deploying one tool for many jobs

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