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Security concerns set the agenda at CIPS conference

CHARLOTTETOWN — IT security weighted heavily on the minds of the more than 200 IT professionals from across the country who gathered here for Informatics, the Canadian Information Processing Society’s (CIPS) annual professional

Published on: May 7th, 2003 Patricia MacInnis

We stand on guard

Since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the U.S. — and now with a war in Iraq — Canadians are more concerned than ever about what to do in the case of

Published on: May 3rd, 2003 Vawn Himmelsbach

If you’re unable to chase hackers away, learn how to lead them right into a trap

If you check out the Web site of Ottawa's public transit system (, you will find information on ""bait cars."" The city equips some of its own cars with GPS systems and then

Published on: May 3rd, 2003 Greg Meckbach

Privacy complaints prompt CCRA database purge

Canada Customs and Revenue Agency will reduce information sharing in its controversial database of travel information as a concession to concerns from some of the country's top privacy advocates. The privacy commissioner of

Published on: April 9th, 2003 Monika Rola

Technology director emphasizes importance of fine-tuning intrusion detection systems

If you think wired systems are secure just because they're wired, you may be kidding yourself, says Kelly Kanellakis.Some industry watchers warn wireless local-area networks are less secure because they send data over

Published on: April 9th, 2003 ITBusiness Staff

Saskatchewan Gaming Corp. eyes facial recognition

Ocean's 11 might have been a very different movie if George Clooney and co. had to contend with facial recognition software.Some of the largest casinos in Las Vegas, Nev., and around the world

Published on: April 7th, 2003 Neil Sutton

Internet security for the pro

Despite one or two niggling annoyances, McAfee's VirusScan Professional looks as though it's the comprehensive tool for keeping your PC secure. Installation initially appeared to be quick and smooth, until discovering it needed

Published on: April 3rd, 2003 Bjorn Aannestad

Security served up simple

When you have multiple locations and technology platforms across the country, standardization is important — especially when it comes to virus protection. For Toronto-based priszm brandz, one of Canada's largest restaurant operators, it

Published on: March 21st, 2003 Gary Hilson

Whose Fingerprints Are On The Network?

With the number of reported security incidents expected to skyrocket to more than 200,000 by the end of this year and economic losses resulting from identity theft rising to US$24 billion, enterprises are

Published on: March 21st, 2003 Dianne Daniel

RBC moves to chip-on-card technology

It's been a long time coming, but microchip credit cards are slowly making their way to Canadian consumers, even if they have to use them overseas to realize the true benefits.International travelers looking

Published on: March 19th, 2003 Jennifer Brown

Symantec security report predicts increase in number of blended threats

Arecently issued report has confirmed what most IT managers probably already know: it's a dangerous world out there network-wise, and it's not going to get any better.According to the Internet Security Threat Report,

Published on: March 17th, 2003 Kathleen Sibley

B.C. researcher evaluates cyber attack vulnerabilities

VANCOUVER -- Attendees at the 2003 edition of the ASI Exchange in Vancouver on Tuesday heard that Canada’s critical infrastructure is at risk from cyber attacks and malicious code.One of the spotlight speakers

Published on: March 12th, 2003 Jeff Jedras

B.C.’s Ministry of H.R. reviews security after server theft

A plan to centralize the management of IT infrastructure in the government of B.C. is under serious review after a server theft from a Ministry of Human Resources office building.The server, along with

Published on: March 12th, 2003 Neil Sutton

Survey warns IT managers to make disaster recovery top priority

TORONTO — Power outages and surges are the leading cause of computer downtime of more than 12 hours, according to a study from Contingency Planning Research. They account for one-third of all outages,

Published on: March 11th, 2003 Jennifer Brown

Security experts offer cautionary tales of complacency

Mining companies have more to fear than collapsing shafts and veins running dry, according to security experts.Fraud and organized crime aren't as common as canaries and miners' hats, OCA Inc.'s chief operating officer

Published on: March 6th, 2003 Geoffrey Downey