Information Builders brings autonomics to WebFocus

Self-managing server watches vital signs to cut down on hardware costs

CIRA outraged over racial profiling accusations

The non-profit authority serves a libel notice to a domain name watchdog over claims it looks too closely at certain applications for dot-ca names


In obervance of Victoria Day, ITBusiness.ca will not be publishing on Monday.


Spam faces the music

Nettwerk Productions is filtering noise out of inboxes with help from server-based software

Internet marketers see themselves in search engines

Experts form group to promote expertise and prove ROI capability

Online broker scoops up SwiftTrade customer list

Recently-launched DisnatDirect to woo Internet-savvy investors

Sklar Peppler gets comfortable with ‘Magic’ extranet

Furniture maker selects Web tools to interface with existing system

CUPE turns to open source tools for portal revamp

Labour union drops Oracle, Microsoft products after ongoing problems

Canadian e-Biz Initiative sees dearth of talent for SMEs

Large firms may have the technical expertise they need, but small and medium-sized enterprises tell the private sector partnership they lack a broad range of skills. The authors of Fast Forward 4.0 offer their analysis

A walk through Chinatown

Vancouver's Chinese-Canadian community commemorates its history online

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