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Mozilla’s Mark Surman: train kids as ‘hackers’

In a world where kids grow up accessing the Web on 'magical' devices, it's important to teach them the mechanics of new technology.

True Voice offers click-to-call service

rnOne of Canada's most innovative companies of the year is readying the general release of its Web service that offers a Web button that connects surfers with a live person on a phone line.

15 must-have open source apps for managing Windows Server

Free tools abound for everything from networking troubleshooting to performance analysis.

Five reasons SMBs should give Joomla a chance

This free, open source, content management system is used by companies including Citibank, eBay and General Electric. Why not consider using it for your business?

Mozilla backtracks on scrubbing Firefox version numbers

Some businesses find rapid browser change disconcerting, says Mozilla chair.

How to cut your operating budget with a smart tech strategy

A few basic changes to the software and tech you use (or don't use) can have a major impact on your business' costs.

‘Open Innovation’ network spins off 7 communications startups

Coral CEA, a developer network based in the nation's capital, combines the benefits of both open source and commercialized software development to help emerging tech companies bring their services to market.

How to launch a tech start-up for free

You don't have to spend a fortune to get your business up and running. Follow these six simple advice to kick start your start-up.

Try out these 7 free security tools for Linux

Linux may need less security help than other operating systems do, but these tools can give you extra peace of mind.

Microsoft gets allies in patent fight against Toronto firm

i4i successfully won a patent case against Microsoft in 2009 over XML features in Word. Now Microsoft is getting support as it takes the case to the supreme court.

10 perfect tech gifts for ‘open source’ nerds

If you have a Linux geek or Android nerd to cross off your holiday shopping list, here's some suggestions sure to please.

Honeypot software simplifies intrusion detection

These three 'honeypot' products are designed to alert businesses when their network security has been breached. The software sets a trap that if tripped, snares hackers that have made it past the firewall.

BitDefender releases free anti-spam server software ‘for geeks’

BitDefender says it is offering the only free anti-spam for e-mail Linux servers on the market. But how many businesses will actually use the free licence isn't clear. The product may fill a need for a handful of open source geeks, and not much else.

Video Rewind: Using open source software alternatives is realistic

Rightsleeve.com shows that using open source software to save money on licencing isn't just a hypothetical option for start-ups. Video Rewind is a feature that revisits clips from our archive.

Top 10 reasons open source software is great for business

Open source software has many advantages over proprietary products. It boasts better security, can be customized, and is often free to use.

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