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AVG snags Canadian CEO from Mozilla

Amsterdam-based security software vendor AVG Technologies N.V. has a new head honcho - Canadian Gary Kovacs will be the firm's new CEO and managing...

Why I did the open interview that TechCrunch wouldn’t do

As a journalist, its pretty common to be conducting interviews on a daily  basis and I've done hundreds in my career, but interviewing Chad...

Gittip takes ‘open source’ to new levels, finds limits

Pittsburgh-based entrepreneur Chad Whitacre is approaching his online cash gift-giving startup with an earnest interpretation of being transparent. The founder uses volunteer coders as his...

Expensify offers to reimburse your employees with Bitcoins

In a world where cash is king, where does a digital currency rank? Highly enough for San Francisco-based Expensify to support it, apparently. The firm...

How to scale your video sharing service to handle 6 million users in 30 days

Who doesn’t have time to watch a 36 second long video? Not many people it turns out, as the Toronto-based video sharing service Keek...

Upverter makes electrical design social

Cloud-based product for engineers and hobbyists is like Google Docs for hardware design.

Big data a ‘Holy Grail’ of opportunity for startups in cloud era

Feature story: Venture capitalists are funding startups that can help businesses turn the massive amount of data at their finger tips into decision-making action items. But the big data revolution was born almost a decade ago.

Canonical focuses on cloud deployment with Linux upgrade

Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS will feature the Essex release of the OpenStack cloud fabric layer.

Ubuntu pitches metal-as-a-service for server provisioning

Metal-as-a -service (MAAS) will allow administrators to add new servers via a Web interface, says Ubuntu founder.

Express IT: Comparing Apple and Raspberry Pi

Why selling a bare-bones circuit board that encourages modification and experimentation is so important right now.

Linux 3.3 integrates Android code

Android can now boot from the Linux kernel

Ubuntu Linux 12.04 helps ensure privacy

New OS-wide privacy settings will give users of 'Precise Pangolin' added control over what activities are recorded.

Run Windows Software on Linux with Wine 1.4

The new stable release of this Windows compatibility layer adds support for Microsoft Office 2010, among many other improvements.

Joomla upgraded with new search, database options

The open source content management system gives administrators more database options. There's also a built-in search engine.

10 free e-commerce shopping carts for your online store

Storeowners might look to open source ecommerce software because it will typically deliver the features and tools to manage a product catalog on a website without the hefty licensing fees that come with proprietary or off-the-shelf packages.

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