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As WorldCom turns

Et tu, WorldCom?News that the telecommunications giant filed phony earnings for the last five quarters to the tune of US$3.8 billion late Wednesday did not trigger the usual industry reactions. None of the

Published on: June 26th, 2002 Shane Schick

No more teachers, no more books

Before you can write your first essay in school, you learn about primary versus secondary sources.This is probably introduced at different levels depending on the school, but I got an early start from

Published on: June 25th, 2002 Shane Schick

My mother the phone banker

My parents and I seldom discuss technology, but not long ago my mother couldn't wait to tell me about an access service that allowed her to update her accounts and conduct transactions from

Published on: June 24th, 2002 Shane Schick

Next generation wireless looks to get rolling

Ericsson is doing its best to keep 3G front-of-mind for me. First, there was the invite to tour the ""Drive to 3G"" trailer – 18 wheels of high-tech wireless gimmickry and gadgetry –

Published on: June 21st, 2002 Dave Webb

The multiplication of division

We spent a lot of time in the latter part of 1999 talking about the Y2K problem, but by the time the New Year's ball dropped in Times Square we'd stopped calling it

Published on: June 21st, 2002 Shane Schick

Letters to the editor

Re: Schools' Net speed to increase 8,000 times (June 19)Looks like another case of bad math at the school boards.If the board had gone to DSL in all properties today, their 20 year

Published on: June 21st, 2002 Readers

Tabula rasa

Sumit Agnihotry is not allowed to take a pad of paper into business meetings anymore.Under ""Terry's new law,"" he and the others at Acer America Corp. are only authorized to carry the TravelMate

Published on: June 19th, 2002 Shane Schick

Majority report

Tom Cruise had his eye on me. It bored into my soul with an unusual intensity, demanding my attention and daring me to look away. I didn't. I knew I was being summoned,

Published on: June 18th, 2002 Shane Schick

A telehealth check-up

They call the project ""Sweet Talk,"" but that's just sugarcoating it as far as I'm concerned.A research team at Dundee University in the United Kingdom is working on a plan whereby diabetic teenagers

Published on: June 17th, 2002 Shane Schick

Letters to the editor

Re: Who are you calling a software engineer? (June 12)As a professional engineer and someone with over 20 years experience in software engineering, I happen to believe very strongly that the software industry

Published on: June 14th, 2002 Readers

When you wish upon StarOffice

Here we go again. The never-ending battle of the titans -- Sun Microsystems Inc. and Microsoft Corp. -- entered a new phase recently as Sun launched the latest version of its desktop productivity

Published on: June 14th, 2002 John Saunders

When is a pink slip not a pink slip?

I'm going to offer you three headlines. You tell me which one doesn't belong. All are dated June 13:""Union opposes downsizing at Telus"" -- from the Telecommunication Workers' Union (TWU).""Telus reaffirms commitment to

Published on: June 14th, 2002 Shane Schick

The memorabilia of failure

I want the Slam Man punching bag. I definitely have dibs on that punching bag. Unfortunately, I can't actually fly out to Menlo Park, Calif., where the auctioning of's office equipment and

Published on: June 13th, 2002 Shane Schick

Thank God it’s Monday

It will take much longer than a week to get over Monday.No, not the day itself -- we all manage to muddle through those. I'm talking about Monday, as in the name PricewaterhouseCoopers

Published on: June 11th, 2002 Shane Schick

Brave New World Revisited (again)

Forget about Big Brother for a moment, if that's possible. There are other things to worry about.By now, Aldous Huxley's Brave New World should have eclipsed George Orwell's 1984 as the novel which

Published on: June 10th, 2002 Shane Schick