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Cloud infrastructure to grow to $250 million market by 2016: IDC

Vendors in the Canadian infrastructure as a service (IaaS) market have a 50 per cent compound annual growth rate to look forward to over...

AVG acquires LPI Level Platforms, providing more cloud services to SMBs

Security solutions provider AVG Technologies is acquiring LPI Level Platforms Inc., an Ottawa-based company that builds remote monitoring and management software, adding its services...

Canadian wireless carrier taps Toronto solution provider to provide new data centre

Toronto-based IT solutions and enterprise data centre provider OnX Enterprise Solutions has won a contract with mobile service provider Public Mobile for hosted data...

My Legal Briefcase offers small claims relief for small biz

Paper work and billable rates are bound to send a chill down the spine of business owners contemplating a small claims court case. The online service My Legal Briefcase offers to cut through the legal mumbo-jumbo and skyrocketing legal fees.

Adobe unveils e-form service

Adobe service promises to take all the IT administrative hassle out of setting up and then analyzing the results of electronic surveys.

IT providers challenged to cater to more Canadian SMBs

Canadians small businesses say they're planning to deploy cloud-based services that could be provided by a managed service provider. That's good news for MSPs of Ottawa-based N-able, which issued a challenge to double the small business client base in one year. Now small Canadian tech shops are wondering if they can meet that challenge.

B.C.’s Green Party hires Toronto-based green IT provider

The Green Party of B.C. found a good fit in Toronto virtual private server provider Atum Corp. The IT provider hosts the party's Web site and its CRM software on Canadian soil and has been recognized for its efforts to limit its environmental impact.

Salesforce.com prepares native mobile Chatter apps

Salesforce.com is gearing up to deliver native mobile apps for its Chatter software. Initial support for the software will include Apple devices, BlackBerries and Android

Windows Intune – SMB computer management service improved

Microsoft's Web-based console lets IT administrators manage deployment of updates and service packs, fix PCs and protect machines against malware

13 terrific Web services for business success

Check out these 13 online services that are great for enhancing collaboration, organizing your projects, and communicating with colleagues, partners, and clients.

Toronto firm’s easy e-payroll service targets small businesses

Brand flexibility and low cost of ownership are key benefits offered by PaymentEvolution, a new online payment system. rn

Early cloud adopters share 5 precious lessons

The cost savings and scalability of infrastructure-as-a-service offerings are well known advantages. Yet, there are others. Three small companies that use the cloud--and one that does not--share the lessons learned from growing up with cloud infrastructure.

How – and why – to manage your vendor after signing a deal

There's really no such thing as a done deal. After pen is put to paper and the contracts are all signed, you must begin to manage the deal to get the full benefit of your negotiations. For if you don't manage the deal, your vendor will, and it should be obvious that you and your vendor may not the same priorities.

Can Indian firms deliver cloud services?

Indian offshore companies are masters of code and call centres but can they also become favourite providers of SaaS and cloud services?rn

Primus introduces managed virtualization service in Canada

Primus says its new hosted virtualization offering will help Canadian SMBs benefit from big-business-style virtualization without incurring the high costs of deploying and managing the technology themselves. But at least one Canadian mid-sized company has a different perspective.

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