Anti-Spam law: Staying out of ‘The Freezer’ with your e-mail campaigns

A group of governmental bodies will soon start enforcing the anti-spam law passed by Parliament in 2010. Here's what you need to do to get ready.

U.S. anti-piracy bill delayed after stirring controversy

Obama statement released by White House adds little clarity to debate on the issue of how -- or whether -- to legislation online privacy and copyright protection.

Top 5 priorities and challenges for Canadian SMBs in 2012

Cutting expenses while still launching new products or services is the main theme for 2012 at many small businesses.

Online behavioural advertising is ‘downright creepy’, Privacy Commissioner says

Jennifer Stoddart has issued guidelines for companies engaging in online tracking for targeted ads. Those who don't follow them could face an audit.

Convenience technology threatening personal privacy, experts say

Consumers are increasingly concerned about privacy and security, but will accept new technologies if they understand what's happening to their data and they get convenience. But we need to do a better job informing consumers, panelists at the IIC Conference suggest.

Four ways Facebook must improve privacy after FTC settlement

The FTC outlines seven instances in which Facebook allegedly made promises to its users that it ultimately did not keep.

Canadian businesses face tough challenges with strict anti-spam law

Canada's new anti-spam law will be among the world's toughest when it comes into force some time this fall. Lawyers and marketing specialists say Canadian businesses need to understand the law and make some changes in the way they use e-mail to avoid possible fines.

Accessible technology increasingly a requirement for businesses

New customer service standards apply to Ontario businesses starting in 2012, and added requirements affecting employees will follow. But human rights law across Canada has required accommodation for years.

Small ISPs foresee cost burden in ‘Lawful Access’ bills

Passage of bill giving police greater powers to monitor and intercept Internet communications could require large capital outlay from small ISPs.

Patent-challenging site casts wider net

Article One Partners is offering a new litigation avoidance service which allows clients to target suspect patents that are not part of active lawsuits

BlackBerry maker cries foul over India dispute

Research In Motion is trying to get other technology companies into the debate with the Indian government over access to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

No deal with Indian authorities – RIM

No access to BlackBerry Enterprise Servers has been granted to government, says RIM

Dell trumps Apple on green report card

The Electronics Take-Back Coalition gives Dell props for its e-recycling program while Apple earns a C+ for its tech take-back terms.

Facebook claims ‘misrepresentation’ behind Canadian privacy probe

In a video two years ago, Facebook policy consultant Mozelle Thompson, tells ITBusiness.ca senior writer that there are a few "misrepresentations and "misunderstandings" in privacy violation complaints filed against the social networking site

Facebook ‘Like’ button now under probe

Canada's privacy commissioner says Facebook has addressed privacy complaints against it two years ago but the social networking site faces a new investigation concerning current business practices.

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