B.C. privacy chief wants compulsory security breach reporting

Private businesses should be forced to report privacy breaches, says B.C. Information and Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham.

House committee wants telcos to decrypt intercepted messages

Bill C-30's provision for warrantless access is just the

Canada’s Do Not Call List on life support

The national program designed to cut down unwanted telemarketing phone calls ran out of cash on March 31.

Startup news roundup: March 27, 2012

What's making news in the startup world today.

Canada targets

Ottawa wants the

Music industry group calls for iPod tax, liability risk for ISPs and social sites

The Canadian Independent Music Association wants a massive overhaul of Copyright Bill C-11 that will also cut protections for user generated content, increase statutory damage awards and extend terms of copyright.

Pirate Party sails to Bodog chief’s defence

Calvin Ayre and fellow Bodog.com operators have consistently proven themselves as upright and law-abiding citizens of their country, says Pirate Party of Canada chief.

What Google’s ‘Do Not Track’ move means

Google will add support for anti-tracking tech to its Chrome browser before year's end. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about DNT.rnrn

12 fixes for Canada’s proposed lawful access bill

There has been massive pushback against Bill C-30 and calls for scrapping it. Internet law professor Michael Geist proposes 12 possible amendments.

Obama’s blueprint for Internet Bill of Rights

The White House unveiled a plan to ensure user privacy, and that Google, Microsoft and Yahoo will comply.

Alleged scam victims claim telemarketer’s tapes were

Montreal-based Express Transaction Services has taken its battle against allegations of fraud online by posting voice recordings of its transactions with complainants.

Lawful access ‘enormous financial burden’ for business

The proposed lawful access bills will erode civil rights and turn businesses into proxy spies for police, according to privacy advocates.

6 file sharing sites serve as MegaUpload alternatives

While some MegaUpload alternatives have suspended operations or restricted U.S. visitors, others are alive and well.

Anti-PIPA protests show Web activism holds political might

Everyone underestimated the impact of massive online protests in the debate over the two copyright enforcement bills.

Megaupload file seizure shows why many cautious about the cloud

The takedown of the file-sharing site over copyright violations provides a warning about being careful where you store stuff.

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