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Supreme Court shields ISPs from downloading tariffs

A Supreme Court of Canada decision delivered Wednesday classifies ISPs as carriers that are not responsible for the way in which their customers use them.The decision revolves around the still controversial subject of

Published on: June 30th, 2004 Neil Sutton

Call centre operators fear anti-offshore U.S. laws

A Canadian organization that represents the thousands of call centres operating here is concerned that American legislation could one day shut them down.The legislation, proposed at the state and federal level, would curb

Published on: June 22nd, 2004 Neil Sutton

Legal experts mull copyright ruling’s IT implications

A recent copyright ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada could have lasting implications on software development and related research, according to one industry expert. ""It now seems safer for software developers to

Published on: March 15th, 2004 Scott Foster

IT industry wins round in engineering name debacle

An Edmonton court has ruled that certified IT professionals can use the word engineer in their titles, but some say the battle that has pitted technology companies against the engineering community is far

Published on: January 6th, 2004 Fawzia Sheikh

No more teachers, no more books

Before you can write your first essay in school, you learn about primary versus secondary sources.This is probably introduced at different levels depending on the school, but I got an early start from

Published on: June 25th, 2002 Shane Schick