RIM’s patent problems get Canadian lawyers thinking

Ogilvy Renault provides guidelines that could help other IT firms steer clear of the courts. Plus: CATA tells us what could

Telus case calls role of Privacy Commissioner into question

After an appeals court supports Matthew Englander's right to keep his name out of the phone book, experts are left wondering what power the federal office really has. Also: where PIPEDA fits in

It’s business as usual: PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft chief executive Craig Conway wasted no time during his keynote address at the company's annual user conference reassuring customers that an Oracle takeover is not in its future.rn

PeopleSoft CEO: ‘Have you ever had a bad dream?’

Conway concentrates on IBM alliance as Oracle pursues takeover

Supreme Court shields ISPs from downloading tariffs

A unanimous decision in favour of CAIP helps redefine the status of the Internet industry in Canada. Two providers reflect on the business impact, while SOCAN identifies its next target

Call centre operators fear anti-offshore U.S. laws

Canadian firms could be shut down, industry group warns

Legal experts mull copyright ruling’s IT implications

Vendors may see some licensing fees disappear, consultant says

IT industry wins round in engineering name debacle

update An Alberta court decision clears the way for software professionals to maintain their designation. But insiders say the fight has just begun

No more teachers, no more books

A Microsoft survey says we just need more hardware and training

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