PeopleSoft tries to standardize CRM processes

"Egos" get in way of collaborative enterprise, CEO says

Women’s portal puts spotlight on innovation

InventiveWomen.com plans educational tools, business development help

Tech Data talks licensing over wine and cheese

Reseller events planned to promote anti-piracy practices

Telus acquires second company in as many days

PSINet Canada assets acquired along with Arquana Technologies

Legal software maker eyes burgeoning upgrade market

e-Quisitions grows by buying small firms to further product set

SAP Canada exec says investors doubt dot-com startups

Web businesses lacked foundation, Blackmore says

Tech Data expands Xalyx’s horizons

Former Globelle unit moves into network space

Ontario puts aside $90 million for R&D award

Minister of Energy, Science and Technology Jim Wilson (right) calls the money a step towards making the province a destination of choice for the industry's brightest researchers

CheckFree builds sales force to take on Canadian market

E-billing provider develops solutions in Waterloo

Cognos cuts workforce 10 per cent

Weakened economy hit hard in fourth quarter, exec says

Bell Micro buys Forefront Graphics

Canadian GM sees opportunity in digital storage market

Intel starts OEM race with Itanium launch

HP gets into the game with workstations, servers

The e-business customer is always right

VP of BMO information division says client focus kept some dot-coms afloat

Lucent and Alcatel walk away from marriage plans

update Communications merger called off at eleventh hour

CATAAlliance adds Workopolis jobs to TechnoSkill

Job search tool complemented by media partnerships, president says

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